Testimonials by Prominent Figures,

Associates, and Event Organizers

Since 1985, our company has been a member of a business trade group that meets twice a year in cities all across the U.S. and Canada.  We have been fortunate to hear some terrific speakers.  But, the fun and captivating message we heard from Jack Sheehan in Las Vegas stands out as by far the best - ever!


Dave Barber

Member, Distributors Council

Jack has spent his entire career writing from and about Las Vegas. Jack always has an inside scoop, and he knows as well as anyone where the bodies are buried. Jack has incredible stories and a fantastic way of telling them.


Jonathan Ullman

Executive Director & CEO of The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas

Jack Sheehan has a vault of captivating Las Vegas stories to share. I've known and worked with Jack for over 30 years, and every time I see him he comes up with more that I haven't heard. I suspect that some of his stories are even true.


George Knapp

Peabody Award wining investigative television journalist

Jack Sheehan has written well about nearly all aspects of Las Vegas and Nevada: history, business, crime, and growth, and he has penned several personal biographies about prominent Nevadans. He is a speaker well worth hearing, for locals and visitors alike.


Richard Bryan

Former Nevada Governor and U.S. Senator

Jack Sheehan has been a close observer and active citizen in Las Vegas for over 40 years, and he has a breadth of knowledge about our great city that is well worth hearing. He is a true "insider.


Rossi Ralenkotter

Former President and CEO of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority