"For me to get the maximum satisfaction from a presentation it must add value and ensure that the participants feel that it is something that is not only interesting but of use."

Keynote Speaker Jack Sheehan



Jack’s career as a writer and journalist has brought him to far-off places and led to some incredible stories. While Las Vegas is close to his heart, Jack has made some interesting friends and met some fascinating characters in chasing down stories that only he could get.

Jack lives up to his Irish heritage with a gift for telling stories that leaves you wanting more.

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Jack hosting a Mob Museum conversation on catching casino cheaters.

Reasons Why Event Coordinators Love Booking Jack!

More than a keynote, an experience. Jack delivers more than just an inspiring message. He provides a unique and memorable keynote experience. Over the years he has collected best practices that make his keynote unique and memorable, driving the success of your event as well as business and strategic outcomes.