"For me to get the maximum satisfaction from a presentation it must add value and ensure that the participants feel that it is something that is not only interesting but of use."

Keynote Speaker Jack Sheehan



Jack’s career as a writer and journalist has brought him to far-off places and led to some incredible stories. While Las Vegas is close to his heart, Jack has made some interesting friends and met some fascinating characters in chasing down stories that only he could get.

Jack lives up to his Irish heritage with a gift for telling stories that leaves you wanting more.

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Here are the list of talks that Jack delivers:

Lessons in Leadership

In his signature speech, Jack reveals the insights he has learned about what it takes to be a great leader. These insights have been gathered over his long career of interviewing some of the most influential newsmakers that have reached the pinnacle of their respective careers. The individuals Jack has taken these insights from have shaped our culture, our society, and in some cases, our world as we know it.

Las Vegas: Insider Secrets

In his over 40-year career as a journalist covering the Las Vegas scene, Jack Sheehan has seen the inner workings of this city and gotten to know it very well. From the table dealers to the major players up front and behind the scenes, Jack has seen it all. With his ability to engage an audience like no other, Jack becomes your guide in this presentation to the hidden gems and secrets that make up the fabric of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas: Its History

The draw of Las Vegas’ potential and a series of fortunate circumstances convinced a young Jack Sheehan to make his home in Sin City. After forty years of living in this city and writing about it as a journalist, a magazine editor, and a best-selling author, Jack has seen Las Vegas grow. With his captivating charm as a storyteller, Jack weaves together a history of Las Vegas in a way few have ever heard.

Las Vegas: The Mob

It is impossible to tell the story of Las Vegas without making mention of its Mob days. Jack Sheehan is no exception, but his take on this era differs from the stories everyone has heard time and time again. The sinister side of the Mafia is one side of a coin that has been played out in movies and in larger than life stories. What separates Jack from the herd is his presentation of the lives these complex characters lived. Seeing the sinister as well as the human side of these characters adds so much more to this outrageous era in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas: Skin City

For two years, Jack Sheehan went behind the scenes of the adult industry in Las Vegas to uncover what many see as the seedy underbelly of “Sin City.” The result was his book “Skin City,” an exposé of his findings gathered from interviews with exotic dancers, call girls, adult film stars, and others involved in Las Vegas’ adult entertainment world. In his speech, Jack discusses the stories of the individuals that work in this world and reveals its complexities as well as the humanity behind its workers. It is a fascinating look behind the scenes of this taboo industry.

“The Game of Golf” or “What Happens On the Links, Might Not Stay On the Links”

Golf and writing are two of Jack’s passions. For many years, Jack, who competed at a national amateur level himself, was fortunate to be paid to play and write about his much loved sport. But just like that hole-in-one on a Par 4, Jack has some once-in-a-lifetime stories that only he can tell about his time on the course. From meeting a young and upcoming golfer named Tiger to the secrets of a football player’s golf locker, Jack has stories that show you there is always something brewing under the calm and serene veneer of the country club.

The Greatest Crime Story You Never Knew

This presentation is a passion of Jack’s and is also a one-of-a-kind story. It is the tale of Jimmy Chagra, the most successful drug lord in American history. His story is so astonishing and notorious that no Hollywood screenwriter would have been able to dream it up. There is only one person in history that was able to track the man down and tell his story. That man is Jack Sheehan and in this talk he brings this amazing true crime drama to life.

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Jack hosting a Mob Museum conversation on catching casino cheaters.

Reasons Why Event Coordinators Love Booking Jack!

More than a keynote, an experience. Jack delivers more than just an inspiring message. He provides a unique and memorable keynote experience. Over the years he has collected best practices that make his keynote unique and memorable, driving the success of your event as well as business and strategic outcomes.

Experienced Speaker

Jack has presented over 5,000 talks to a variety of audiences.

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Jack co-authored the best-seller “Buried Lies: True Tales and Tall Stories from the PGA Tour” and has also written biographies of notable Las Vegans.

Prolific Journalist:

Jack has conducted over 1,000 interviews for numerous publications with top-level executives, heads of state,athletes, and many others.

Successful Communicator

Jack has a passion for storytelling and communicating ideas that leave audiences with a new appreciation for the world around them.