Inspirational Speech - Some Call Your Field a

“Fast Food” Major…When It’s Really an Opportunity.

Your Guide to College Success and Beyond



Jack Sheehan knows what it takes to get the most out of a college education.  Driven by a passion to share his knowledge and experience, Jack has developed workshops and an inspirational speech that can help students thrive and succeed during and after college.

Through entertaining anecdotes and insightful advice, Jack shows students the contributions and power they truly have with their knowledge and degrees, regardless of the field they are in.

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Workshop I - You’re Graduating…What Now?

Jack had a rough start, but was able to use his wits, charm, and determination to find his dream career as a journalist and author. Some of Jack’s talking points in this workshop include: • Being honest about your own skills and career goals • How to recognize opportunities for success • How to get high-level people to share their secrets of success • How to land a story/interview with high-level people • How to organize your days and weeks for success

Workshop II - The Art of Interviewing

In this workshop, Jack pulls back the curtain to uncover what goes through the mind of an interviewer. Whether they are looking for a news story or evaluating a job candidate, an interviewer always has the same objective: to get to the truth. Jack guides you through aspects like: • Determining your suitability for the job you are applying for • Interviewing strategies that achieve success • The types of interviews you will encounter


Successful Communicator

Jack has a passion for storytelling and communicating ideas that leave audiences with a new appreciation for the world around them

Dynamic Speaker

Your audience will Laugh, Learn and Be Inspired!

A Life-Changing Message

Jack mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a very high content message that will surely “Empower Your Audience to Achieve Extraordinary Results!”

College Professors and Staff Seminar

The wisdom Jack has to offer is invaluable and the lessons he draws from his life experience can prepare an incoming Freshman or equip an outgoing Senior for workplace success.